Reinvent Your Holiday Wreaths After Christmas!

Potpourri Materials:
Dry pine needles
Cinnamon sticks Cloves Allspice berries Dried rose petals Orange peels Bark Pine Cones Glass bowl Pine oil

Mix all the ingredients together with about 10 drops of pine oil. Place in dish and enjoy. Wild Life Feeder Materials:
Real wreaths: 1 large and 1 medium
Screws to hang the wreaths outside on the back garage Ribbons to hang the wreaths LARGE needles and thread Scraps of ribbon and yarn for nesting materials for the birds Birdseed for "birdseed cookies" - stale bread cut into shapes with cookie cutters smeared with peanut butter and birdseed Christmas Ornament Hooks
Food For The Wreath:

Grapes Cranberries Popcorn - popped Raisins Apple and orange slices Stale bread Small cookie cutters to cut out some shapes with the stale bread Peanut butter Directions:
1. Remove lights and ornaments from wreath.

2. String your garland.
Using a needle and thread, string popcorn, grapes, cranberries, raisins, etc. alternating colors.
3. Apples/Orange Slices.
Cut thin slices of apples and oranges. Hang each slice separately, with colorful ribbons.
4. Birdseed cookies.
Cut shapes from cookie cutters into stale bread. Smear with peanut butter and birdseed. Attach to wreath with ornament hooks
5. Nesting Scraps
Tie scraps of ribbon and yarn for nesting materials.
6. Hang outside.
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