Pumpkin Carving Tips from Gene Granata

  1. When selecting your pumpkin, you want to choose a pumpkin that fits the design you want to create.
  2. Carve out the pumpkin from the bottom, not the top. That allow you to place it steady on a platform, and easily put a candle/led lights into the pumpkin.
  3. have the best, most user-friendly and safe tools for pumpkin carving.
  4. Clean the inside of the pumpkin really well. Thin the walls to ¾ of an inch. This helps it last longer and makes it easier to carve.
  5. When using stencils, perforate the stencil with dots, then at the end, carve it out!
  6. Get creative! Remember, anyone can do it

Pumpkin Carving Expert Gene Granata

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