Potty Training Your Dog with Laura Nativo

As a pet owner, you want to establish consistency with your dog to limit accidents inside. Dogs are smart animals. They learn by doing things on a consistent basis.

Comfort your dog by making them love their crate which should be their "own space." After the dog is crate trained, you’re going to establish a consistent mechanism for your dog to communicate to you a need to go to the bathroom. Now, you are able to have a routine with your dog to be taken outside.
Potty Bell: Communication Tool for your Dog

• Your dog pulls the rope on the bell and notifies you that they need to go! Through repeatedly incentivizing your dog to ring the bell, your dog becomes accustomed to wanting to go outside. • Start by training your dog with treats every time they pull the rope. Their reward starts with treats and then their reward becomes going outside. Potty training will become a habit. • Crate training allows your dog to follow routines.
Potty zones
give your dog routine places where it is safe to “go.” Use fresh patch. You put the fresh patch in the same spot to give your dog direction on where to go. If you live in an apartment, you can place the fresh patch on the balcony. This is important to create regularity and a safe environment for your dog.
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