Beauty expert Ami Desai shows you some easy to do hair styles that will take you from the beach to the party.

Materials for Messy Side Twist

  • • bobby pins
  • • curling iron
  • • texture spray
  • • decorative barrette

Materials for Knotted Pony Tail

  • elastics
  • texture spray


1. Start with day old washed hair and preferably with a wave or some texture to it leave out front fringe sections and begin twisting small sections to one side of your head (think low chignon or nape of your neck).

2. Repeat this process until all hair is secured with bobby pins and pull out sections for a more undone look.

3. Finish with a festive accessory and some flexible hold hairspray.

1. Pull all hair back and split into 2 sections.

2. Twist one section over the other and tie in a knot.

3. Secure the remaining ponytail with an elastic.

4. Repeat the knot process 1-2 more times.

5. Pull out knots for a more elegant look.

6. Add little star hairpins or elastics with embellishment to get in the holiday mood

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