Ali Manno has a DIY to make playtime activities on the floor softer for little ones.


  • 2 ½ yds of plush felt or another non-fray fabric
  • Felt in black and pink for details
  • Fabri-tac power fuse non-toxic glue or hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Fabri-tac power fuse non-toxic glue or hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Quilt batting
  • Fiber stuffing
  • Fabric scissors
  • Plate or bowl
  • Chalk
  • Optional: Sewing machine and thread instead of glue


Download a template for your mat here.

• Fold the fabric over so that you have one yard on top and trim the excess off. Keep this to make the ears out of.

• Cut the two yards on the fold to get two separate yards.

• To easily round the corners, place a bowl or plate on each corner and trace it with chalk. Cut along the line.

• Unroll the batting and cut down to a good size for the interior of your mat. You want to have about 2”-3” of seam allowance around the edge.

PRO TIP: The more layers of batting, the comfier the mat will be!

• Glue all but one side together, make sure to spread glue across the entire surface of the seam allowance to get a flat, sealed edge.

PRO TIP: Use clothespins to clamp the glued areas together if the glue is taking too long to set.

• Print the detail templates and use them to trace onto the matching fabrics with chalk. Cut them out.

• Glue the inner ear onto the front of each ear.

PRO TIP: The ears should be oriented opposite directions so make sure they’re facing the right way before you do this!

• Glue the ears together, apply a line of glue about 3” long to the center of each ear to create a crease. Glue around the edges except about 3inches left open to stuff. Allow the glue to dry.

• Use stuffing to fill out the ears and seal with glue.

• Attach the ears by sandwiching them in the top edge you didn’t seal on each end. Secure with glue. Seal the rest of that edge up.

• Glue the face details on.

PRO TIP: Your kids can help with this party if you use the power fuse non-toxic fabri-tac!

• Allow the glue to set and enjoy!

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