Shirley Bovshow has some helpful tips.

Planting Spring Bulbs in the Fall

- Tulips and other spring blooming bulbs should be planted six to eight weeks before the first winter frost. Cold winter temperatures prompt bulbs to begin their growth cycle underground, so they need chill.

- Tulips are cold hardy and need sub 45-degree soils to start growing

- In mild climates, refrigerate tulip bulbs for 8-10 weeks before planting

- Keep refrigerated bulbs away from fruit and vegetables as they produce destructive gasses

- A bulb contains all the energy a plant needs for a year of growth

- Buy only full bulbs that are fresh

To Plant a Bulb in the Ground

Toss a handful of tulips to ground for natural, drift effect; plant where they land

Use convenient Power Planter digging auger attached to drill for easy digging

Dig a hole to depth 3x's the width of bulb-  or 6"-inches deep for this bulb

Add organic fertilizer to hole and mix with soil

Drop the bulb, pointy side up and fill with soil

Cover soil with chicken wire to keep squirrels from digging bulbs, and cover with mulch

Water and let nature water bulbs over winter. DONE!


- "The Power Planter auger attaches to a drill for easy digging”

To Plant a Bulb in a Container

Place tulip bulbs in soil, pointy side up, cover with 2-3"inches of soil

Place daffodil bulbs next layer and cover with 2"inches soil

Place the shortest plant, Glory of the Snow on top level and cover with 2"inches of soil

Plant some cold hardy pansies to cover soil and water.

Bulbs Will Grow Through Pansies in a Few Months

- In mild winter areas, plant bulbs in a pot at different levels

- Top your bulb container with pansies for instant flowers

- Bulbs will grow throughout the layers and fill container with blooms for few weeks.

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