Floral design expert Amy Marella shows you how to make beautiful and festive pinecone arrangements.


  • Wood Container
  • Plastic Liner
  • Glue Gun/Glue
  • Floral Foam
  • Knife
  • Small Watering Can
  • Fresh Pine
  • Rose Stripper
  • Pine Cones
  • Wood Sticks
  • Burlap Ribbon
  • Wire
  • Roses, Tulips and/or Berries


1. Start with a wood box or wood type log container

2. Take your plastic liner and cut it to size

3. Glue plastic liner with glue gun to inside of box/container

4. Soak the floral foam and cut it to size (use a small watering can to water when necessary)

5. Strip the pine needles with a rose stripper so just the stem goes in the floral foam

6. Use the glue gun to glue wood sticks to your pine cones

7. Stick into the floral foam

8. Use wire to make a ribbon loop

9. Decorate with rose, tulip or berry accents!

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