Pineapple Tree with Fruity Monkeys

Tanya Memme creates a tropical centerpiece from Glorious Treats.


  • 10 to 12 inch round plywood base
  • 3/4 in. flange
  • 2ft long metal pole


Make a metal base, with a thin metal pole to skewer the pineapples onto.  This is the main support structure.  Alternatively, a wooden dowel, secured into a base would work as a support too.  The pineapple “tower” will be quite heavy.  Make sure the base is nice and wide.  The base could also be clamped to the table for added support. Once the pineapples are stacked (skewered onto the pole), then the work of attaching the pineapple tops (the tree “leaves”), as well as the kiwi “coconuts” begins.  All of the fruit and tops were secured with bamboo skewers.


For the monkeys, assemble the head (made of an orange, orange slice ears, lemon mouth, radish slice and 1/2 of a grape for eyes), and used bamboo skewers to attach it to the body (a papaya).  Then, the monkey’s body is held in place on the tree trunk, while bananas were added as arms and legs.

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