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To Save Battery:
You can easily see what apps are draining the most battery— it will show you by percentage so once you know this, if you’re running low on battery you can close out those apps to save power.  A lot of time you have apps running in the background that you don’t even realize are taking up a lot of battery power. So if you head over to Settings>general>battery usage it will tell you which apps are occupying the most battery power!

*If you need to stretch the last bit of battery try adjusting the brightness on your screen. You can also save battery by putting your phone in grayscale mode. It’s reduces the color output and processor that’s needed- so it makes your phone in black & white- obviously that’s not how you want to use your phone day to day but if you're running low on juice and just need basic functionality from your iPhone, try switching it to grayscale mode to save power: Settings>General>Accessibility and tap "Grayscale."

Photo Tips:
*You can view every photo someone has texted you, and vice versa easily! No more spending hours scrolling through texts to find a photo. Just open the messaging thread in the "Messages" app and press the "Details" button in the upper right corner. And you will be able to see very single photo or video you’ve sent to them and they’ve sent to you- this makes it easy to then save it into your camera roll and backup on to your computer.
*Another tip is that once you save those photos, you can delete them from your text messages to clear out storage because they take up a lot of memory.

To find a friend or family member or to be able to track them:
*If you don't feel like explaining where you are, you can simply send your location to another person via text message. Just tap the "Details" button in the upper right corner of your message thread and select "Send My Location."  This is great for concerts and theme parks etc.
* This can go a step further too- If you want your friends or a family member to be able to track you as you move, you just choose the "Share My Location" instead of "Send My Location." You can choose to share your location for one hour, until the end of the day, or indefinitely. 

Battery Tips For The Android:
1)  See what’s tapping the most out of your battery: Go to Settings>Battery to display what’s hogging the juice.  Turn off never or seldom used features you see.

2) Tweak your email, facebook polling.  Change the frequency that your phone is checking for new mail and messages.  Start with Manual setting and gradually move it up to a frequency level that you are comfortable with.

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