Pete Hieatt's Tabletop Fire Pit


  • Marine Silicone - $5
  • 4 panels of glass from photo frames- $4
  • Small rocks - $2
  • Any kind of metal mesh - $2
  • Gel Fuel - $4
  • Metal planter with an edge on it - $8

1. Thin bead of silicone along the edge of glass panels.
2. Press edges of glass panels together and hold till dry. 3. Prop glass panels up to maintain form while drying– you can use water bottles, for example. 4. Place gel fuel can in center of planter. 5. Place glass box in metal planter. 6. Cut piece of wire mesh to fit inside glass box, cut it to be able to rest on lip of planter box. 7. Cover mesh loosely with rocks – allow room for oxygen to flow through rocks. 8. Light the fire!

How to Start a Garden
How to Start a Garden