It’s National Pet Obesity Awareness Day!
What are YOU doing to make your pet fat?

How to Decode Portion Recommendation – Some Food Packages have large weight ranges, like 3-12 pounds. Why would you feed a 3-pound dog what you would a 12-pound dog? Go to the vet. There is no one size fits all for every dog. It depends on breed, age, etc… If your dog is still hungry after cutting down their portion size, try cutting kibble with water to fill them up more and also try to supplement veggies. The fiber will fill them up.
• Self-Feeders - Don't use self-feeders, as some dogs can’t limit themselves to healthy portions. Measure out your pet’s appropriate portion size. Hand feed; make your pets work for their meal as a way to bond and train.
Feeding the Wrong Foods

Read the ingredients - Understand what each ingredient means. If you can’t pronounce it, you don’t want it in your dog’s body. Also, the first ingredient shouldn’t be something like corn or wheat fillers. We want meats and veggies. • Bad Treats - Rawhides, Dental Bones, and even chews. They can have three times the amount of their daily calories, and they are chalked full of junk! Give them fresh veggies as treats. They love the crunch, and we all know how tasty and good for them fresh veggies really are! • Try using an Altoids Box to hold your dog’s daily food allowance instead of treats. If the dog begs, just give him a few kibbles, and you can hand feed. Make them work for it!
Lack of Exercise

Make exercise a fun part of your daily life. If your pet is overweight and has any joint problems or anything like diabetes, make sure to consult with your veterinarian for the safest way to exercise. I do recommend the K9FitVest, by DogTread. It is the only fitness apparel for dogs that packs resistance in the form of weights, cooling, sensory integration and safety into one vest. Increase strength, endurance and calorie burn; while decreasing workout time. Or remove the weights and just use the vest. Or add the cooling packs and convert it to a cooling vest on a warm day. Recommended and used by Canine Professionals. Simple to use. Just put it on and go. No training required.

Pet Obesity with Laura Nativo

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