Party Platter Planning with Cristina

Tips for Organizing a Party Platter:

1. All of the cooking and the prep can be done the morning of; so all you have to do is reheat and serve!

2. Pick items that can be good hot or room temp for a buffet style presentation, and tray pass the "hot only” items

3. The rule is: a serving and a half of each item for each person

4. If you are hosting an “apps only” event, don't serve everything at once. Parcel out the apps for the number of hours of your event.

5. If your apps are preceding a meal - don't over serve appetizers. They become "appespoilers."

Featured Party Platters: 1. Appetizer Tray with Stem Holder

2. The Ultimate Cheese Prep and Entertaining Set

3. 8 Component Server with Picks

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