Paige's How To: De-cluttering your bedroom

How to De-Stress (de-clutter) your bedroom to assure a better night's sleep:

1.  Eliminate any view of mail:  I'm not saying to eliminate mail - we all get mail.  Some of it is happy, some of it is bills, but the psychology tells us that if you can see mail (letters, torn edges, etc.), WHETHER IT IS A BILL OR NOT, our brains will subconsciously think that there are bills in the pile and will worry about money.  This is something we may never consciously consider, but it will weigh on our brains as we are going to sleep, and as we are sleeping.  It will invade our subconscious and even creep into our dreams.  Solution:  Cute little labeled boxes.  This allows us to put away mail, and not let our eyes see it.  Of course, we will know that the mail is in there, but the human brain compartmentalizes every aspect of our lives.  This will allow us to not stress (subconsciously or consciously) and put a lid on our worries until we are ready to unveil it the next day.

2.  Move clothes that are on the ground, on the bed, on a chair, etc.  We've learned that our brains compartmentalize.  If we move our clothes, will our brain automatically think they've disappeared?  They do not need to be hung up or washed?  No - but it allows us to put that task on another day and get the sleep we need. Solution: Put clothes in a hamper, bag, designated space in your closet that cannot be seen from your bed.

3.  Eliminate view of magazines, flyers, etc.:  Even if you are excited to read the next issue of Vogue, or can't wait to see what specials are on at your favorite clothing stores, your brain will NOT interpret these things as will interpret them as stress. Solution:  Cute little labeled boxes. Label them "Fun magazines" or "excited to look through" or something....just hide the edges from your view.

4.  MORE BOXES: The list for boxes could go on and on.  Box up cords, remotes, ANYTHING that looks cluttered.  Cluttered cords will subconsciously creep into your brain and suggest that something is out of order.

5.  Eliminate Electronic devices and their cords from your nightstand.  Seeing your phone will remind you of undone work, unpaid bills, missed emails, etc.  SOLUTION: The best way to do this is to take the top drawer of your nightstand and turn it into a charging station that CLOSES and CANNOT be seen when you are sleeping.  I know people suggest removing electronics completely from your room, including television, but we have to be realists.  Yes, that is the best thing to do...but who is to say you won't stress out without your phone, which for many of us is our alarm clock. It’s as easy as drilling one hole in the back of the top drawer, and either screwing or velcroing a power strip into the drawer!

Paige Hemmis’ Bedroom De-Cluttering Tips

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