Paige's DIY Polar Bear Cut-outs

Get your front yard holiday ready with Paige's polar bears!

To create the Polar Bear Cut Outs (makes Mama Bear and one Baby Bear): You will need the following items:

  • 4x8 sheet of foam insulation
  • Printer ( to print the cut outs)
  • X-acto knife or Dremmel Router
  • Sand paper / sander
  • Glue
  • Glitter
  • Paint (White for body and Blue or Black for eyes, ears, nose)
  • PVC pipe


  1. Draw  polar bear patterns/shapes on board
  2. Cut out shapes using and X-acto knife (or any tool you feel comfortable with), the foam thin and easy to cut.
  3. Using a medium grit sandpaper, smooth the cut edges
  4. Paint all pieces white.
  5. While paint is still wet, shake on glitter for a frosted effect.
  6. Next, have fun painting on a cute face to polar bear head.
  7. Once all parts are dry glue pieces together. (We used expanding gorilla glue but a low temp hot glue gun would also work).
  8. Set up and display your bears, by gluing on a short length of 3/4' - 1" PVC pipe vertically to the back of bear. These will act as sleeves to slip over stakes put in lawn.. If your area is particularly windy, add on extra pipe/sleeves to keep stable.
  9. *Although you could make these out of wood. Using foam board is easy to work with, cheap and lightweight. Perfect material for first time DIYer's or those not comfortable using power tools. Foam board is completely weatherproof and with proper care they will last for years.

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