Paige Hemmis' LOVE Bookshelf

We used 2"x10" pine wood pieces at the following lengths with straight cuts:

  • Two 36" pieces - one for the base which creates the bottom of the "E" and the entire unit and one for the base of the "L"
  • Two 22½" pieces for either side of the "O"
  • One 18" piece for the top of the "O"
  • One 12" piece for the middle part of the "E"
  • One 21" piece for the end of the "E"
  • One 24" piece for the left side of the "L"
  • Two 24" pieces cut at an 18 degree angle to make the "V"

In honor of "National Bullying Prevention Month," we wanted to spread love to every household and show you at home how to remind your family to LOVE everyone just a little bit more every day.
Here is what we did on the show, but you at home are welcome to use any type of wood and any size that will fit as a free-standing bookshelf or something smaller to hang on the wall. If you have the tools at home, you are free to cut these pieces yourself. If you do not, your local hardware store will cut them to size for you.

To attach the unit together, we assembled the entire unit on its side in these steps:

  1. Lay the 36" base down
  2. Add the 21" side of the "E." We used a Kreg Jig to attach the wood to each other with 2½" drywall and deck screws. You can use finishing nails if your wood is smaller or just attached drywall screws into the unit after pre-drilling a hole.
  3. Next, add the 36" base of the "L." Attach this to the left side of the "E."
  4. Add the 12" center part of the "E." If you are using the wood we used, I would suggest using an angled bracket underneath, especially if you plan to put any heavy objects on it.
  5. Next, add the two 24" angled pieces of the "V" and attach them with drywall screws to the top and bottom 36" pieces.
  6. Next, add the two 22½" side pieces of the "O" and attach them with your screws.
  7. Add the left side of the "L," which is 24".
  8. Stand the unit up and add the top part of the "O," which is 18" and attach with your screws.
  9. Now, add your favorite paint or stain to finish off the look. Here, we used a walnut stain as a base, then added a watered-down version of red paint to give it the reddish hue for LOVE!

Here's a tip: Although we didn't use any glue to attach these pieces, I would suggest using wood glue in all the contact spots. This will hold the unit together much nicer.

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