Paige Hemmis' DIY Grilling and Chilling Sign/Cooler


  • 5 Wood (pine) 1”x4” boards at 8’ tall (if you can find them at 6’ you don’t need to cut them down.)
  • 1 Wood (pine) 1”x2” board at 8’ tall
  • 24 Drywall screws 1 ½” long
  • 1 Quart of water-based wood stain (I am using a stain and poly blend in the color of ebony)
  • Paint brush or rag for wood stain
  • 1 Large galvanized bin/bucket
  • 4 drawer pulls, or other interesting items you could use as knobs (We will be using blue metal hose bibbs shown here.) You will only see the blue part.
  • 4 Metal bolts with matching nuts and washers size: ¼” x2.5”
  • White paint (or any color that you would like to use for your words)
  • Small artist paintbrush
  • Drill/screw gun with phillips head
  • 2 metal angle brackets sized 8” (maybe…if you need stability)
  • OPTIONAL: Stencils for the lettering.
  • OPTIONAL: Mounted drink/bottle opener
  • OPTIONAL: Small metal cup to catch the bottle caps


  1. Take your five 1x4 boards of wood and cut each to size at 6’ (or have the hardware store cut it to size).
  2. Cut your 1x2’s into 3 14” boards.
  3. Lay your 1x4’s down on a flat surface and take your 1x2’s and lay them across all four boards at 1.5’, 3’ and 4.5’ down the back side. This will serve as three braces for your back boards.
  4. Attach to the back of each 1x4 with 1 drywall screw in each board. (So 5 across each brace.) Take your paint brush or rag and cover the front, back and sides of the wood with the wood stain.
  5. Let dry.
  6. Measure out and mark 16” down on each of the boards and center in the middle of each board.
  7. Drill holes for your drawer pulls or knobs at this mark (size will depend on what you are using as hardware).
  8. Attach your knobs at the front and secure with their screw on the back side until tight. (The knobs can roll once in place if you would like.)
  9. Set the wood boards against the galvanized bucket. On the back side of your galvanized bucket, drill 5 holes slightly bigger than your bolts spaced apart so that each one hits the middle of the 1x4 boards. This step will go through the bucket and the wood. Place one bolt with washer on the side of the bucket, and secure with nut on the back of the 1x4’s.
  10. If your structure needs a little more stability, you can use angle brackets (we did not need them.) Attach angle brackets to the bottom corners of your structure if needed.
  11. Either stencil or free-hand the word “Grilling” on top of the knobs.
  12. Either stencil or free-hand the “and” symbol in the middle of the boards.
  13. Either stencil or free-hand the word “Chilling” on the front of the bucket.
  14. Attach your bottle opener to the back boards where the knobs are.
  15. Attach your metal cup below the bottle opener to catch the caps.
  16. Hang your BBQ tools on the knobs, fill the bucket with ice and your favorite drinks and enjoy!
Paige Hemmis’ DIY Chillin and Grillin Sign and Cooler – Home & Family

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