Orly Shani’s DIY Scarf Purses


  • 2 Scarves
  • Chain
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Chinese Silk (optional)
Orly Shani’s DIY Scarf Purse - Home & Family

  1. Lay two scarves face-to-face and cut to the same shape and size (a tapered square or rectangle)
  2. Sew the sides and bottom together with a ¼-inch seam allowance.
  3. Next fold over a 1" hem on the top for a clean finish.
  • Hand sew your chain on to each side to create your straps.
  • If your scarf is extra delicate then you will want to line it. Buy ½ yard of Chinese silk in your desired color. Cut the liner the same size as your scarves. Sew it the same as your scarf but this time you will use a ¼" seam allowance so it is just slightly smaller then your bag. You will fit it inside your bag and then sew the top down as one piece.

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