Organizing Your Home Using Metal Stamps with Tamara Berg Metal Stamp Chore Wheel

Metal Stamp Chore Wheel - Materials Needed:
Wooden clothespins
Magnetic tape Cardboard ovals Gesso Dye-based ink pads Decorative Papers Glue Stick/Glue Dots Letter Stamps/Punches Hammer Surface to Hammer on (heavy wood or steel block Step-By-Step How To
1. Prepare your ovals by painting with gesso. Set aside to dry.

2. Attach magnetic tape to clothespins.

3. Cover 'good' side with decorative paper.

4. Once ovals are dry, choose letter stamps, and find the center of your oval. Carefully space out the letters of the name beginning at the center. You can mark with a very light pencil mark if you like.

5. Working over the wooden or steel block, pound the stamp with one or two firm blows. Lift to check your work. Continue with other letters outward, alternating sides, to make sure your placement is even. Erase any pencil marks.

6. When letters are done, apply color by brushing surface of oval with inkpad. Use your finger to fill in as necessary.

7. Color edge of oval with contrasting color.

8. Attach oval to clothespin using glue dots.

9. Use on fridge or memo board to assign chores.

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