Organizing Your Craftroom With Tracy Metro


  • Take Inventory- The first step in sorting your supplies is to take inventory of everything you have.
  • Categorize- Put things in piles.
    • Materials: fabrics, ribbons, accessories, etc.
    • Tools: glue guns, scissors, markers, etc.
  • Decide what you want to keep and what needs to be thrown away or donated.
  • Donate- Take your "useable but not needed" items and donate them to a childcare center, scout troop, or other organization that uses crafting supplies. That way, you'll be giving back to the community and giving yourself more room to work on projects.


  • Once you've sorted all of your supplies, storage is key.
  • I recommend:
    • Magnetic containers: containers for pins, tacks, etc – anything you don't want spilling on the floor that could injure someone. Held in place by magnets. $3 a piece at Bed Bath & Beyond.
    • Plastic Bins: you need to be able to see everything so you can find it and also put it away where it belongs. Label all of your bins according to product.


  • Once you've got everything sorted and stored, it's time to clean! Crafting can get messy. You're going to want to vacuum up the whole room including surfaces, not just floors. The right vacuum makes all the difference. I really like the Oreck "Touch" Baglass Vacuum cleaner.
Tracy Metro DIY Room Organization

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