Organizing the Craft Room with Mark


  1. Keep a record of favorite paints and color combos for projects using the Popsicle stick swatches. When you go to the store, you'll have them to use to have coordinate accessories.
  2. You can hang your hot glue guns and their corresponding glues on hooks either on a wall, on a bookcase and that way you'll never wonder which glue stick goes with which glue gun.
  3. When you want to drill a hole in the ceiling to secure hooks for plants or craft projects, you run the risk of getting all that ceiling dust on your head and in your eyes and mouth. To stop that, simply put a plastic lid on your drill before drilling into the ceiling and it will catch all the dust.
  4. Do you have a drawer full of ribbons? If so, you can organize them using clothes pins. Roll them up and pin them using a clothes pin to keep them from tangling.
  5. If your ribbons are warped and tangled, you can use one very common household item to smooth them out…a light bulb. Simply turn on the light bulb, let it heat up and then run the ribbon over the light bulb to quickly smooth it out.