Orly Shani is showing you how to turn a beachball into the life of the pool party!

One Beachball Three Ways - Home & Family

Directions for Watermelon

1. Cut green strip
2. Cut out teardrop shape for seeds
3. Peel backing apply green to one edge of the red and trim excess.
4. Apply seeds to red center.

Directions for Flag

1. Cut out red striped approx 1.5-2” wide
2. Use a star cutter to cut out stars or a stencil.
3. Peel backing and apply the white stars to the blue part of the ball.
4. Peel backing and apply red stripes to the white part of the ball
5. Trim red to size

Directions for Words

1. print out your phrase.
2. Tape it to the front of the vinyl and cut out with an exacto. Then peel backing and apply.

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