Non-Invasive Facelift Alternatives with Kym Douglas

What Is Collagen?
Collagen is the most abundant protein found in your body. It forms connective tissues such as tendons and ligaments and gives young skin its texture and resilience. Elastin is a protein also found in connective tissues and, as its name implies, provides the characteristic stretchiness to structures such as skin and cartilage and is partly responsible for the flexibility of your arteries. Collagen and elastin are most commonly known for their role in the aging process, when their depletion causes visible signs in the form of facial wrinkles. You may be able to stem the tide of aging by supplying your body with plenty of the foods that contain the raw materials it uses to keep collagen and elastin production levels up.

How Do You Lose Collagen?

• Age is the first thing, over time naturally you lose collagen. • Sun exposure/damage. • Improper care for your skin/ severely dry skin.
How Do We Protect Our Collagen Production?

• Eat the right foods: Collagen production thrives in a high antioxidant, omega fatty acid and mineral diet. • Exercise • Green teas/white teas • And some topical treatments 1. Anti-Wrinkle Pillow
Sleeping on your sides and stomach can increase wrinkles in your face.
2. SoniClear
Start with keeping your face clean at all times, this is a great option because it’s antimicrobial, unlike a lot of other products similar to it.
Also, by adding some avocado or gelatin to the bristle head it can stimulate. Gelatin, a protein formed when collagen is broken down, can also help build it up. Gelatin is an animal product often derived from cows and pigs but also obtained from fish and poultry. It is the ingredient that makes Jell-O jiggle and forms a clear, congealed layer on cooked meats, noticeable particularly after they have been cooled. Commercially, gelatin is made from bones and hides. You also produce gelatin at home when you cook a pot roast long enough to break down the tough connective tissues, commonly known as gristle. Aspic, a gelatin dish, is made by setting various combinations of vegetables, meats or eggs in gelatin to form a mold. Eating any of these foods will help your body manufacture collagen.
3. Skin Perfecter

This product is great it’s a 4-in-1 skin perfecter. Treats and improves
1. Lines & Wrinkles
2. Pores 3. Uneven Texture 4. Gives your complexion a smoother look
4. Life Line Products: With Growth Factors From Human Stem Cells

• This line uses human proteins to enhance and nurture collagen and elastin in the skin.
5. Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Stretching Mask

• Deep acting moisturizers to completely nourish, hydrate and induce collagen and elastin production, the formula provides an instant lifting action. • Stimulates skin cell renewal to help regain youthful skin. • Apply on to face massage onto skin, let sit for 10 min. • Rinse off. Get additional tips from lifestyle and beauty expert Kym Douglas at Follow her @KymDouglas and like her on Facebook.

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