Make your beach trip even easier with this DIY.
No Sew Beach Bags
Fashion, Storage


  • Cotton or Canvas Fabric
  • Fabri-tac
  • Grommets (multi colored)
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Iron
  • Rope


  1. Fold your fabric in half.
  2. Take the pattern & trace it onto the fabric & cut out.
  3. Flip fabric so the pattern side is facing each other.
  4. Fabric-tac the sides together. Wait about 15 – 20 mins to dry.
  5. Then, it’s time to give the top hem some attention. Using an iron fold down a little piece & then fabri-tac it down.
  6. Then fold over your flap. Mark out the spacing where you want to put your rivets on the flap.
  7. After you’ve marked it out, pin the sides together.
  8. Then make snips into fabric where you marked.
  9. Using a hammer, insert your grommets.
  10. Measure out your rope to your desired length.
  11. String the rope through your flap & then tie a knot at the top. Secure knot with a dab of glue.
  12. Pack up your bag & head to the beach!

Click here to download the template>>

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