Needle-Felted Scarves with Sophie Uliano

What You’ll Need:
• You need a Clover Felting Needle -- a needle with multiple prongs (multiple needles; spring loaded for easier use). It's very sharp, so you must be very careful with it.
• You also need a Clover Felting Needle mat, which is a rubber mat. Never needle felt on a hard surface or your leg! • You also need a silk scarf. You can find an inexpensive silk scarf from a craft store, or you can purchase the one that comes in this awesome kit from The silk is hand-dyed.

• Then you will need yarn (must be 100% wool or it will not felt) and felt flowers, both of which can be found at a craft store. • I am using "pebble" yard from Pagewood Farm because it is perfect to form the vines of this "Garden" design that we created today.

How to handle the Clover needle:

  1. You need to be careful not to push too hard because you don't want the needles to break.
  2. Make sure the stroke is vertical (straight up & down), not at an angle because again you want to protect the needles so they don’t break.
  3. Always needle felt onto a foam pad or specially designed brush.
  4. Do not push needles all the way through the foam pad or brush.
  5. More is better: the more times you push needle through the fiber, the more it will felt & the more securely it will be attached.
  6. Roll Pebbles yarn into balls to needle felt onto scarf.
  7. After placing Pebbles vines, time to place felt flowers.
  8. Needle felt the wool felt flowers onto the silk scarf.

For more info on Sophie Uliano, go to

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