National Cancer Survivors Day Information

National Cancer Survivors Day:
June 1st is set aside for this annual event. Programs are held in hundreds of communities nationwide and around the world in honor of those who have been diagnosed, are living with cancer and/or survived it.
Communities, individuals or organizations can create events to support the foundation and if you go to the National Cancer Survivor Day website it will show you how to create your own event. Learn more by visting the National Cancer Survivor Day Website at

If you're in the Los Angeles Area: Flywheel Sports Larchmont, Cycle To Survive:
1pm on June 1st, led by one of LAs top trainers Lacy Stone.
All proceeds go to raise awareness for women’s cancers. There is a link on the Noreen Fraser Foundation website with details and instructions to reserve your bike. Or, email:

Flywheel Sports
147 N. Larchmont Blvd. LA 90004

About The Noreen Fraser Foundation
The Noreen Fraser Foundation (NFF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funds for groundbreaking women’s cancer research and raising awareness of the importance of early detection for the prevention of women’s cancers.
Why NFF? Because we have a stake in the matter! Noreen Fraser, NFF’s Founder and CEO, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and has been living with Stage IV metastatic breast cancer since 2003. Noreen’s dream is that no other woman will have to endure the fight she has fought. Noreen is here today because research has led to treatments that have kept her cancer at bay— treatments that were unavailable when she was first diagnosed. Noreen understands the urgency, so has made cancer her business by raising millions of dollars for cancer research and by speaking prolifically on the topic of early prevention and targeted treatments. NFF’s dedicated board of directors, stellar medical advisory team and ardent supporters share Noreen’s passion for finding targeted treatments for women’s cancers above all else. NFF supports research for all women’s reproductive cancers (breast, ovarian, cervical and uterine/endometrial) because there is a strong hormonal and biological link between the women’s cancers including hereditary cancer syndromes. Therefore, research in one type of women’s cancer oftentimes simultaneously progresses research in the other types of women’s cancers. A multi-disciplinary approach and collaboration among researchers in the various fields of women’s cancers is absolutely necessary to accelerate the development of reasonable treatment options and potential cures. The research we fund is focused on making a real impact on women’s lives now. We feel that while a lot of money has been raised in the name of cancer, it has been divided amongst thousands of researchers and thousands of ideas diluting its impact. We work directly with our internationally renowned medical advisors, some of the world’s brightest physicians and scientists, to select research to fund that will make an impact on the lives of women quickly and to hone our messaging to make the greatest impact on the women who need our help now. - See more at:

National Cancer Survivor Day

Learn more National Cancer Survivors Day events in your area by visiting And you can learn more about The Noreen Fraser Foundation at

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