Mounting a Staghorn Fern with Shirley Bovshow


  • • Small Staghorn Fern
  • • String of Pearls plant
  • • Old pantyhose
  • • Sphagnum Moss
  • • Coconut fiber planter liner
  • • Fishing wire (25-50lb capacity)
  • • Black metal fruit basket
  • • Metal plant hanger
  • • Bucket of water
  • • Spray bottle
  1. Wrap the roots of a small Staghorn fern with wet sphagnum moss and place inside a piece of pantyhose. Secure with wire.
  2. Cover the exposed pantyhose with decorative sheet moss or coconut fiber, wrap with wire.
  3. Place inside of metal fruit basket and secure plant to basket with more wire.
  4. Fill the inside of the basket with sphagnum moss and plant the “string of pearls” succulent into the moss. Secure to basket with wire.
  5. Use a metal plant hanger to hang it! After a couple of years, the fern will grow and fill in the basket. You can relocate it and hang it on a wall or outdoors on a tree limb so that it can spread.

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