More Vegetable Garden Tips from Shirley Bovshow

- Planting from seed is ideal for temperatures under 80 degrees. The hotter the temperature, the less ideal the environment is to plant.

- Seeds begin sprouting within 2 weeks, but give yourself 6-10 weeks for bigger results. - Remember to provide shade for your lettuce by using a cheese cloth strung above your lettuce, or planting next to your tomates to use their natural shade. - Tomato plants need to be planted 2 inches deeper then other vegetables. Before doing so, trim the bottom leaves and sprouts off your tomato plants. Two more tips:
- Save money on wooden framing on your beds by using landscape fabric instead to stop the soil bed from eroding.
- Remember to test your soil first to make sure it's an ideal area to plant edibles. And get more great tips from Shirley @foodiegardeners and at

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Shirley Bovshow - Planting the Vegetable Garden