Monica Potter's Tie Dye Easter Eggs


  • Eggs
  • Rubber bands or twine
  • ⅓ cup of white vinegar
  • Silk ties, scarves, blouses, etc. cut into pieces large enough to cover an entire egg
  • White cloth (from old pillowcases or shirts) cut into large pieces to cover an entire egg\
  • Water

Step One:

  1. Start by wrapping your eggs in the pieces of silk material. I discovered while I was dyeing the eggs that one side of the cloth definitely dyes the egg more intensely, but this varies from material to material. My advice is to wrap 2 eggs in the same printed material with one wrapped with the outside of the material touching the egg and the other wrapped with the inside touching the egg so you can ensure that at least one of the eggs is dyed with full saturation.
  2. You want to try and wrap the material as tightly as possible, easing out any wrinkles in the cloth so you don’t get any blank lines or spots in the dye. Secure the material with a twist tie on the side you won’t be displaying (e.g., the bottom or backside of the egg) as this is the area that will have the least dye.
  3. After all the eggs are wrapped in silk, wrap them once again in the pieces of white cotton material. For this step, you can secure the cloth by wrapping twine or rubber bands around the entire egg.
  4. Add the white vinegar to a large pot of water and bring both to a rolling boil. Gently place your eggs into the boiling water and boil them for 30 minutes. (SWAP)
  5. After the eggs are done boiling, scoop them out of the water with a ladle and set them aside for 10 min to cool… unwrap.
Tie Dye Easter Eggs with Monica Potter

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