Molding Your Door with Paige Hemmis

• Work table or saw horse
• Measuring tape • Sand paper • Pencil • Hand saw • Hot wood glue-finished nails • trim • Nail gun • Caulking Materials:
1. Sand down your door with a hand sander (or by hand with sand paper). You will want to use a fine grit such as 100 or higher.

2. Measure & cut your moulding at a 45 degree angle to fit like picture frames. The style will depend on your personal preference.

3.Lay out your moulding on the door and mark the edges where you will place the pieces with a pencil.

4. Add glue to the back of the moulding and press it into place. You can use a nail gun (or brad nailer) to secure the moulding in place. Wipe off any excess glue. Let dry according to the glue you used.

5. Apply caulking (paintable) to every side of the moulding. This will allow a seamless look when you are done. Let dry.

6. Apply one to two coats of high gloss paint to the door and moulding. Let dry.

7. Put door back in its place.

8. Either replace the door handle or install new door handles.

9. Viola!

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