Mimi G - DIY Sunglass Case

DIY expert and inspirational Girl Boss Mimi G shows us just how easy sewing can be with a simple DIY glasses case.
DIY Sunglass Case


  • Two fabric quarters
  • Fusible fleece
  • Fabric scissors
  • Pattern provided
  • Paper scissors
  • Sewing machine and thread
  • Iron


  1. Print and cut the paper pattern out. (Download the pattern here)
  2. Unfold your fabric quarters and iron them flat.
  3. Cut the pattern out of fabric. Place your fabric quarters on top of each other right sides facing, place the paper pattern on top and cut out around the pattern. PRO TIP: Weight the pattern on the fabric with a heavy object so it doesn’t move.
  4. Cut another pattern piece out of the fusible fleece, when you cut make sure the smooth, plush side is facing up and the adhesive, bumpy side is facing down.
  5. Adhere the fusing to the outside fabric of the case. Flip the fleece over so the adhesive side is facing up, place the exterior fabric down, right side facing up and iron until fused together according to directions of fusing.
  6. Place the fabric face to face, and snip wherever there is notch in the pattern.
  7. Pin along the curved edge of the fabric.
  8. Sew across the curved edge with ½” seam allowance. PRO TIP: Backstitching locks each seam at the beginning and end.
  9. Trim off the seam allowance of the fused exterior fabric.
  10. Pin and sew in between the corner curved edge and the notch on the longer side of the fabric.
  11. Press the seam. Unfold the fabric and iron the seam on the face of the fabric, so that it lays flat.
  12. Fold the fabric face to face hot dog style so that the long seam you’ve sewn gets folded in half. The interior fabric and exterior fabrics should be folded in half onto themselves right sides facing.
  13. Starting with the corners, align the edges of the outer fabric, pin. Align the edges of the interior fabric and pin only along the long side edge of the interior fabric.
  14. Sew all around the pinned edges of the exterior fabric until you reach the short seam you created. Backstitch to lock.
  15. Starting at that short seam, sew across the long edge of the interior fabric, do not sew the short edge. Backstitch to lock.
  16. Snip off the excess fabric around the corners you’ve sewn so it doesn’t get bulky.
  17. Flip the case right side out, pull the exterior fabric through the open end of the interior lining fabric.
  18. Use the paper scissors or popsicle stick to poke out the corners of the exterior fabric. Be careful not to poke through the fabric or seam.
  19. Fold the open edges of the interior lining in ¼” and press with an iron.
  20. Pin and sew the opening closed very as close to the edge as you can about 1/8” or 1/16” seam allowance.
  21. Cut off any loose threads.
  22. Push the lining to the inside of the case, poke the corners in.
  23. Pull out the top edge a bit.
  24. Press until the edges are crisp and enjoy!

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