Matt Rogers No-Sew DIY T-Shirt Blanket

Time: This project takes on average start to finish – approximately 2 hours.

Blanket Assembly Steps:
• Use a rotary cutter to cut sections out of your t-shirts. Center the logo you wish to have displayed on the blanket. Cut both the front and back sections of the shirt at the same time. You may need the additional fabric to finish out sections of your blanket.
• Lay your blanket out, and then start to place where you want your t-shirt sections to be to get an idea of your design and placement for gluing. • Start gluing. Spray a section, and then roll the t-shirt into place, folding the t-shirt in half, placing half of it down at a time to help ensure you get it lined up properly. • Iron over the t-shirt square to adhere it to the fleece blanket. • Repeat until your blanket is covered.