Mark's Tips on Taking Firework Photos

Mark's 1st Tip - Scout In Advance! Because…

  1. You want to make sure you don’t block the shot (lightpost photo).
  2. For reference of size, think of incorporating cityscape or putting the lightposts strategically in the composition.

Mark's 2nd Tip - A Tripod Is A Must… 3 Ways

  1. You can use a shutter release cord.
  2. Set a timer to go off.
  3. Piece of cardboard over the lens, press shutter open, let camera settle, pull cardboard away.

Mark's 3rd Tip - Settings… No Auto… Only In Manual Mode

  1. Auto focus won’t find something to focus on… set it at infinity.
  2. ISO – set it low, at 100.
  3. F5.6
  4. Shutter speed, start at 2 sec, EXPERIMENT with longer ones… with digital, you can see the photo right away and change shutter incrementally
Firework Photography Tips

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