Mark's DIY Wine Crate Shelves

Materials Needed:

1. Crates

- You can buy them at crafts stores, on Craigslist or Ebay, or call your local wine store and see if you can get some for free! 2. Wood Glue

- Buy at your local hardware store. 3. Screws and Screw Gun

- Measure the width of boards to know what size screws to use. 4. Quarter Round Molding

- This will be used to hold shelves. 5. Wood for Shelves

- You can use wood from leftover crates. 6. Finish

- You can treat, stain, paint, or age for different looks.


1. Assemble the crates to get a look for the finished product.

- If using different colors or stains on different crates, finish them before assembling. If using all the same color or stain, finish after shelf is built. 2. Glue and screw the crates together.

3. Use a level and draw the lines for your shelves.

4. Measure the depth of your crate and cut the quarter round molding to match.

5. Glue the quarter round molding inside the crate.

- For added support you can screw or nail the molding into the crate along with the glue. 6. Clamp the quarter round while it dries.

7. Cut a piece of wood to fit as shelving.

8. Slide in shelf on top of quarter round support.

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