Mark's DIY Tips & Tricks for Hanging Pictures and Plugging Holes in Wall


1. Plug stripped/loose hinge holes with a wooden golf tee!
When changing out hinges on a door, the hold can get stripped and loose. Easy way to remedy that is with a wooden golf tee. You just put a wooden tee in the hole, tap it in, snap off, and sand down and it will quickly and easily tighten the hole.
2. Easy and precise hanging picture frames!
You find the 2 holes in the back of the frame where the nails go. Take some painters/masking tape and unspool it to that distance and stick on the back of the frame. Mark it with a pencil for precise measuring. Pull off tape and put it on the wall where you are hanging your picture. Level it and then hammer in nails where the marks on the tape are and voila!
3. Easy hanging picture frame with wire on back!
A lot of times you measure where you want to hang the picture, but it always ends up too high or low because of the give in the wire backing. To ensure you hang it EXACTLY where you want it, an EASY trick of the trade that will cost you NOTHING. YOUR THUMB! Yep! You take the picture and hold it up right where you want it to hang. Where the wire gives, you are going to lick your thumb and press it at that point and it leaves a wet spot. That's where you want to nail it!