Mark's DIY Steamer Trunk Wine & Liquor Cabinet


  • Steamer Trunk
  • Hammer & Pry Bar (to gut and take off hardware
  • Jigsaw (you could also use a razor)
  • Brad Nailer
  • Stain
  • 1' x 2" pine and 1"x ½" wood spacers
  • 1" x 2" pine and ¼" x 2" lathing boards
  • Store bought wine glass holders
  • Glue
  • Paint Stripper

Mark explains how to make a vintage looking wine and liquor cabinet using a steamer trunk that we got off of Craigslist for only $50.

When looking for a steamer trunk to use, you want to look for an old trunk with character and history. Stamps, scratches, and worn hardware WILL all add to that vintage look.


  1. Figure out what side you want to be the bottom and pop the hardware off, so that it can lie flat on the ground.
  2. Open it up and gut out anything you don't need.
  3. Once gutted, measure, mark, and cut a hole in the top of the trunk. We used a jigsaw for this, but you can use a razor.
  4. Remove old contact paper inside trunk.
  5. Stain the inside of the trunk.
  6. Make wine racks (x3) with 1' x 2" pine and 1" x ½" wood spacers (to hold bottles) with brad nailer.
  7. Make shelf using 1" x 2" pine and ¼" x 2" lathing boards with brad nailer.
  8. Stain racks and shelf.
  9. Install store bought wine glass holders on top.
  10. Insert racks and shelves, brad nailing from outside.
  11. Attach feet (or wheels) to base.

We were inspired to do this by a project we saw on

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