Mark's DIY: Repurpose Your Household Items Into Coat Hooks

Coat hooks from toys for a kid's room:

  1. Buy a baseboard or plaque from a craft store.
  2. Paint or decorate base board.
  3. Cut toys in half with a saw. We used dinosaurs for a boy's room and horses for a girl's room. Make sure the toys are not hollow before you buy them, as you will need to screw into them.
  4. Screw toy into baseboard through the back.

Coat hooks from spoons and forks for the kitchen:

  1. Drill a hole in the utensil with a power drill.
  2. Line up the utensils you want to mount and mark them with a ruler, so that when you bend them they will all bend in the same spot.
  3. Bend the utensils by hand or with a vice grip.
  4. Screw the utensils straight into the wall or use a board/plaque.
Mark's DIY Coat Hooks

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