Mark's DIY Pool Noodle Javalin Toss

A backyard pool noodle javelin toss you can also Lay down for some hopscotch or A beanbag toss! different colors will represent different scores.

All you need are:

1. 8 Pool Noodles 2. Connectors – we used little pieces of PVC pipe, but you can also use cardboard toilet paper rolls… etc. 3. Colored Duct tape 4. Garden Stakes or Broom Handles …etc Something to stake it down with.


1. Working 1 noodle at a time, form a circle and secure with duct tape. Repeat for all 6 noodle circles. 2. Attach the circles together with duct tape. 3. Attach the circles to the poles with duct tape. 4. Hammer stakes into the ground. 5. Slip the poles over the top of the broom handles. Then you’re ready to play! We were inspired to do this project by a post on