This entire bench was built using recycled pallets and a 2x4.

We used power tools, but if you don't want to use power tools, you can always use hand tools.
To complete this project, you will need:

  • 2 pallets – or 1 pallet and some scrap wood (or 2x4's)
  • Jig or skill saw
  • Screw gun and screws (or a nail gun)
  • Measuring tape
  • Level
When working with a pallet, you'll want to remember to look on the side and check for an (HT) or an (MB). MB stands for methyl bromide, a toxic pesticide. You don't want to use a pallet marked with (MB). (HT), which means heat treated, is generally okay to use. Always be mindful of the pallets you use. You never know what was shipped on them. You don't want dirty or toxic pallets around your food or your kids.
Today's project is a 1 to 2 person job that will probably take you a couple hours to complete, plus the time it would take to dry if stained or painted.

  1. Cut your pallet in half. This will be the frame of your bench
  2. Pull off the top panels.
  3. Measure, cut, and screw in the end pieces.
  4. Measure, cut, and screw in the legs.
  5. Measure, cut, and screw in the leg braces.
  6. Measure & cut the boards for the top.
  7. Arrange top boards for a good fit.
  8. Screw in the boards on top.
  9. Paint.

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