Mark's DIY Outdoor Patio Fountain

Things You'll Need:

  • Urn, pot, or outdoor decorative vase
  • Small water pump
  • PVC piping
  • Gravel or decorative stone
  • Small terracotta pot
  • Dremel tool with diamond sander


  1. Take your pipe and attach it to the top of the pump using waterproof epoxy or glue.
  2. Place the water pump in the urn and run the cord up and out of the top through the top.
  3. Cut the height of the pipe so that it's level to the top of the urn.
  4. Take your small teracotta pot and use your dremel tool to sand out a hole in the bottom of it to the radius of the pipe.
  5. Place the pot over the pipe and slide it down over the pump so that it acts as a protective barrier around the pump.
  6. Fill the urn with your gravel or decorative stone.
  7. Use your dremel tool again to shave a portion out of the lip of the urn so that the pump's cord can lay flush.
  8. Fill the urn with water.
  9. Plug in the cord and watch your water bubble to the surface.

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Mark's DIY Fountain

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