• Printed Image
  • White PVC Pipe
  • Red duct tape (or red paint)
  • Clear Outdoor Varnish (optional)
  • Plastic Globe light cover
  • Glue
  • Spray Paint


  1. Print sign/logo design on home printer or send online to Kinko's if you want a larger print (Mark's was 3 ft. wide).
  2. Mount sign onto foam core or wood (print centers like Kinko's will mount onto foam core for you, it’s a little more expensive but a big time saver).
  3. Use an x acto knife or utility knife to cut out shape.
  4. Use white PVC pipe (it least 3" or 4") and at least 6 ft. in length, using red duct tape, candy stripe the PVC pipe
  5. Stick PVC pipe into the ground.
  6. Spray paint outdoor plastic globe light cover (NOTE: MUST be plastic, not glass!)
  7. Attach plastic globe to top of pole.
  8. END step: Cover pole and sign with clear varnish to weatherproof.
Northpole Sign

Don't forget to watch "NORTHPOLE" on Hallmark Channel premiering November 15th at 8/7c!