Mark's DIY Mason Jar Decorations

Mason jars are cheap, easy to work with, and can also make some great rustic looking décor. Today, Mark's going to show you how to build these awesome looking mason jar organizers! You can use them in the bathroom, kitchen, or tool shed. You can turn them into planters. There are so many different things you can do with these. And they're very inexpensive to make.


  • Mason or Ball jars.
  • Wood (repurposed, drift wood, lumber, etc…)
  • Hose clamps.


  • Varies depending on how big you want to make it.
  • Jars are about $6 for a 6-pack.
  • Clamps are about $1 each ($2 for big ones).
  • Wood is anywhere from $0 - $10 (repurposed is cheaper).


  • Start out with your baseboard:
  • • You can use a long board or short individual pieces of wood. • Repurpose wood for that rustic vintage look or go buy some lumber at a store.

  • Cut the wood to the length you want.
  • Sand it all down and give it a nice smooth feel.
  • Finish the wood:
  • • Paint, stain, age; the look is up to you.

  • Measure and screw the pipe clamps into the wood:
  • • Drill hole through clamp first. • Use small wood screw and washer.

  • Simply place the jar and tighten and you're done!

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