What you need:

  • Cardboard box- You want a cardboard box big enough to hold the items you're shooting. If you're shooting large products, you will obviously need a bigger box, so think about that ahead of time.
  • Box cutter- You will need a box cutter to cut the cardboard.
  • Poster board- This will make the seamless backdrop of our light box.
  • Tissue paper- We'll use this to create a "silk" for light diffusion.
  • Tape- Of course we'll need something to put it all together, so grab some scotch tape.


  • Cut holes into box.
    • Mark box using a ruler.
    • Cut squares into three sides of your box with the box cutter. Leave one side uncut to make the floor of the box.
    • Cut the flaps off, except for the bottom flap, which will also serve as the "floor" for the seamless.
  • Cut and insert poster board into box.
    • Measure and cut the poster board.
    • Slide poster board into the box. This will be your seamless. Let it curve without bending.
    • Then tape it to the box.
  • Tape tissue paper over holes.
    • Measure and cut tissue paper.
    • Tape the squares over the three holes on the sides and top. This will work as your "silk" and diffuse the light coming through the box.
  • Position the lights.
    • Next, you'll want to position the lights on both sides to get your desired effect. You might have to take a few shots with the camera and play around with the lights a little bit before you're satisfied with the image.

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