• Shelf Board
  • Mod Podge
  • Stencil
  • Dremel Router (optional)
  • Green & Brown Paint
  • Finials & Trim
  • Cup Hooks & Chain


  1. Find the center of your 18"x34" shelf board and trace the stencil design of your choice onto the board.
  2. Using a dremel router, router out the shape you just traced into the board. This is optional. If you do not have a dremel router, you can always cut out your shape/image from paper or cardboard and decoupage it on to the board.
  3. Hot glue finials onto the shelf board. Trim is optional. Add any decorative embellishments you want. Wood and hot glue work really well together. It is a seal that won’t weaken over time.
  4. To apply the lettering of sign, you can use a Celtic font on your computer, type out the name of your "pub" and print it out on paper. Cut the lettering out, and find the placement you want on your sign. Using Mod Podge, decoupage the letters on to the sign.
  5. After your letters have dried completely, paint your sign green. One coat should do. Allow that to dry completely.
  6. Water down brown paint to a watery consistency. Brush a light layer of brown paint wash over the sign to give it an antique look.
  7. In the same craft store where you buy your embellishments you can find chains and cup hooks. Measure in from either side about two inches and mark where you will screw in the chain hooks. Screw in the cup hooks right into the wood and attach the chain.

Hang your Irish Pub sign anywhere you like and enjoy!

Mark's DIY Irish Pub Sign

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