• Fog machine
  • Small plastic trash can
  • Dryer hose duct
  • Water-proof duct/gorilla tape
  • Utility knife


  1. Cut two 4 ½-inch holes in the bottom of the trash can. One on one side, the other, about 2 inches higher, on the opposite side.
  2. Stretch your dryer hose duct out all the way.
  3. Once it’s completely expanded, we’re going to feed that duct through the lower hole in the trash can. Feed out about a foot or two.
  4. Coil the rest of it inside of the trash can (continue to coil until you get to the very end).
  5. Take that piece and pull it through the other hole that was cut.
  6. Time to get your fog machine out. Attach that to the hose we just pushed through (the input hose. The one that’s 2-inches off the ground).
  7. Using tape, make a seal between the hose and the fog machine.

Optional component:

• In order to make it chilled, need to add ice. Dry ice or a couple of bags of regular ice will work! • Standard cardboard box, completely sealed up, one side, cut a small slot along the bottom. Using the knife cut a 4 ½ inch hole on one end. That’ll attach to our output duct. Using tape to make that seal nice and airtight. • Then, to keep the chiller hidden at night, you can spray paint it all black, as we do here.


• Because the fog is now colder than the surrounding air, it will stay low to the ground. Walking through it almost looks like your walking on water! • You can also get a longer chord if you need one, in case you want to hide the garbage can somewhere farther away. • You’re going to want to get a water-based fogger, as they work best. • This time of year, these fog machines are everywhere and they’re cheaper than you think! • This entire project costs about $80 and it really does put the perfect finishing touch on our haunted front yard, for all the neighbors to see!
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