Mark’s Diy Doggie Door Pet Door Install

Pet Door Install

• Hammer
• Nails • Drill With 3/8 Drill Bits • Jigsaw • Phillips Screwdriver • Safety Goggles Part 1-Determining Template Placement & Cutting The Opening
1. Use Plastic Slide As Template.
2. Center Template In Middle Of Door.
3. Hold In Place
4. Position The Top Of Template 2 Inches Taller Than Pet’s Shoulder
5. Make Sure Bottom Edge Of Rough Opening Was No Less Than 3 Inches From The Bottom Edge Of The Wood Door.
6. With Plastic Slide Template Held In Place, Use A Pencil To Draw Around The Edge Of Template Onto Door.
7. Used A Nail To Mark Four Inside Edge Corner Holes For Drilling.
8. Drill Four 3/8 Inch Diameter Corner Holes.
9. Use The Jigsaw, Beginning With One Of The Corner Holes And Cut Along The Pencil Line.

Part 2-Assembly & Adjustment
1. Insert Outer Frame (No Flap) Into Opening From Exterior Side.
2. Make Sure Frame Is Flush With Door Surface.
3. Place Inner Frame With Flap Into Opening From Inside Of Door.
4. Hold In Place.
5. Install Screws And Tighten Until Snug. (Don’t Overtighten)
6. Use Foam Stripping To Fill In Grooves For More Insulation (Optional)

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