Mark & Tanya Memme's DIY Play Kitchen


  1. Sand the entertainment center and give it a white base coat.


  1. Pre-cut a wood piece for the backboard that will be the same dimensions as the height and width of the unit. Give it a base coat with the white paint.
  2. Put the backboard flush against the back of the unit and from the front side, outline the square for the wall behind the stove and sink. When done, you can place it on a table to prep for the painting of the outlined wall.
  3. With painters tape, mark off about ½ inch lines that will create a tile backsplash border on the bottom of the wall. We painted the bigger squares green and when you peel off the tape, the white trim for the grout is revealed.
  4. Above the tile backsplash, mark off large horizontal stripes about 6 inches wide with the painters tape. Don't worry about making your lines straight or the stripes the same size width, it adds to the cartoon-y effect. Paint the stripes in different colors. Remove painters tape.
  5. Attach backboard to unit by drilling screws along each border, where the board meets the entertainment unit on all sides.


  1. Create a window with a landscape image, which you can find online and print on regular paper.
  2. Make a window frame by cutting out 4 squares from a piece of foam core. Spray-paint the frame the color of your choice and glue it over the photo.
  3. Center your window onto the backboard and glue it into place.
  4. For curtains, take 2 pieces of trimmed fabric and drape them over a short curtain rod so that the ends of the fabric meet at the bottom. Take pretty ribbon and tie a bow around each curtain.
  5. Attach the curtain rod brackets onto the backboard above the window frame. Hang curtain rod with curtains.


  1. Paint stove and oven the color of your choice.
  2. Take a piece of wood that has been painted the same color as the stove and glue it onto the back of the stove as a back plate.
  3. Use 4 small paint can lids as the stove burners. Outline the paint lid circles where the burners will go. Paint them black and glue onto the outlines.
  4. Take used stove knobs and spray-paint the color of your choice. Place the knobs at the bottom of the burners in a row and outline the knobs in pencil. Glue knobs to the outline.


  1. Change the orientation of the door on the bottom cabinet of the entertainment center by moving both hinges from the left side of the door to the bottom of the door, so your oven will open towards you in a downward position.
  2. Unscrew the handle and reposition it to the top center of the cabinet in a horizontal position by drilling it in with screws.
  3. Add a center square on the oven door and coat with chalkboard paint, so it creates a window into the oven.

Sink & Faucet:

  1. Take a stainless steel dog food bowl and outline the base of it where your sink will go. Cut out the hole and place the bowl inside.
  2. Use a sink faucet and outline the holes for the faucet by tracing with a pencil. Drill out the holes and place the faucet inside the holes so it's set into position.


  1. Pre-cut wood for refrigerator door, extending from the top to the bottom of the unit on the right side. Paint in color of your choice.
  2. Fasten wood dowels to the door. Paint in color of your choice.
  3. Mark where your hinges will go on the right side of the cabinet.
  4. Hang door into position and drill in screws to attach.
  5. Paint existing cabinet shelf stainless steel color to simulate a freezer.
  6. Use white space-saver shelves as fridge shelves.

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