Mark Stretches Photographs Over Canvas


  • Canvas Print
  • Stretcher Bars (comes in pkg. of 2 - 14"x22" or "22x33" (about 1.5-inch thick)
  • Staple Gun
  • Staples
  • Stretching Pliers
  • Tape Measure

• Send your photograph or image off for printing onto canvas.
• Slip the two front sides in together until you end up with a corner. • Attach the other 2 corners, so you have a square. • Once assembled, measure each edge to ensure they are all even. • Lay canvas on table and place stretcher bars over the image, measure the edges, and mark the centers, so you know where to align the stretcher bars. • Once you've marked your canvas, you can turn the canvas over so the image is face down and place the stretcher bars over the canvas and align it along the marks. The numbers on the stretcher bar should be facing up. • Take middle bottom piece and wrap over, pull tight, and clamp with pliers, then create a staple in the dead center. • Pull canvas on opposite side, creating a small ridge in the center. Again, staple in the back of the stretcher bars. • Go around to each side and continue to staple in the middle. • Rule of thumb – 3 staples on one side, then 3 on the opposite side. • At corners, fold like you'd make a bed, make a pleat. • Using your thumb, pull back right-hand side of this corner and staple it down. Then, pull down the other corner and pull the flap over the other side tightly and staple. • Then, go around rest of canvas and do one side with 2 staples.

Mark's DIY Framing canvas prints

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