Mark and Cristina's DIY Faux Tabletop Finish


  1. Sand down your table, this will help adhere the paint better.
  2. Primer has 3 colors: grey, brown & white. We use white because it will give us the look we want. Add primer all over your table for your base coat color.
  3. We’re using dark grey paint color and you need to water it down, 2 parts paint one part water. Use an old brush or cut the tips of the bristles on a new brush because it will give you the distressed look. For the first coat go back and fourth, uneven strokes are ok because it doesn’t have to be perfect. Let dry for one hour.
  4. Make sure table is dry and add second coat of paint. To achieve look use a lighter grey and dry brush, for highlight look. Also do 2 parts paint and one part water. Here is where you get artistic and can blend paint to your liking. Let dry.
  5. Get brown stain, we use waterbase wood stain. Make sure to mix 3 parts water, one part stain. Brush table with a regular brush one coat all over. You can use a rag to take of some stain, this will give you aged feel. Let dry for 24 hours.
  6. Final step, varnish table and make sure to follow directions on the clear coat varnish you buy.

DIY Faux Finish Tabletop

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