Maria’s Votive Candle Holder

Use wine glasses as decorative candles.


  • 16 or 18-gauge wire
  • Wire cutters or pliers
  • E6000
  • Fake decorative snow
  • Small jingle bells
  • Wine glass
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1. Start by making the wire holder for votive candles. Cut two pieces of wire into equals sizes with wire cutters and bend the edges until it become a round, decorative piece. Repeat on all sides.

2. Bend both pieces into half rectangle or squares (the round edges of wire become the arms) large enough to hold votive candle.

3. Criss cross the two wire bases on top of each other, adding a drop of e6000 to secure. Allow glue to dry.

4. Add fake decorative snow and bells to wine glasses

5. Place wire candle holder on top of wine glass and set votive candle in place.

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