Making your house pet safe with Laura Nativo, the Fairy Dogmother!

Making your house pet safe with Laura Nativo, "The Fairy Dogmother!"

1. Protecting our pets from hidden hazards in the home is one of the most important jobs for a pet parent!

2. Rule #1 - get down on all fours! Look at your home through your pet's eyes to check for dangers you may not otherwise think of!

3. Kitchen - securing trash, making sure that any roast strings or bones or pits are not accessible... keeping dirty knives off the counter and locked in the dishwasher... locking any cleaning supplies away in the cabinet...

4. Living Room - having a toy box where your dog is allowed to freely explore... making sure your smoke detector and carbon monoxide detector are working properly... keep tv or computer wires neatly bundled out of your dogs reach... be careful of ungrounded outlets... train your pets not to eat or lick (or pee on!) house plants.

5. Bathroom - keeping the toilet seat down... don't have an open trash container... make sure OTC & prescription medicines are secure in a drawer...

6. Bedroom - keep laundry out of reach, as dogs may ingest socks, underpants or any other "stinky" human clothing.

7. Garage - Keep chemicals, fertilizers and especially antifreeze up on a high shelf! Antifreeze is tempting to dogs because it tastes sweet... be warned, it may cause kidney failure if ingested!

8. When in doubt, train your dog to use a crate, or section off parts of your house with a pet gate to keep your animals safe!

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